The Research and Development Strategy Document for the 2017-2022 term was prepared with the consideration of the vision, infrastructure and capabilities of our University and our Institute in the field of Regenerative and Restorative Medicine. Accordingly, activities in the body of our Institute can be listed as follows:

  1. The yield of different cell sources in the field of cellular therapy products and their clinical application, development and manufacture of programmed cellular therapy factors,
  2. Design and manufacture of biomaterials and implants for tissue and organ engineering,
  3. Cell and tissue banking intended for use in treatment and diagnosis,
  4. Development of cancer stem cell vaccines and stem cell differentiation therapies,
  5. Manufacture of master cells and for the development of recombinant technological gene therapy medicinal products and biotechnological/biosimilar products, and final products.

Anticipated regional, national and international benefits of such activities are:

* Development of domestic pioneer cellular therapy products, tissue and organ engineering products, cancer vaccines, recombinant medicinal products,

* Patenting, licensing, manufacturing, trading developed domestic products,

* Reduction of dependence on foreign sources as regards products developed in the field of regenerative and restorative medicine, strengthening the competitiveness capacity of our country in the global arena with the aid of yielded novel products.

Such contributions are expected to directly and indirectly impact increase in public wellbeing.