Service Providing Association/Organization  Ankara University Stem Cell Institute -> Tissue and Cell Manufacturing Center
 Name of Service  Manufacture of human-based tissue and cell products
 Service Description  Upon tissue/cell product manufacturing request from the hospitals, the Center pursues manufacturing activities under the manufacturing license granted by the Ministry of Health
 How the Service is Initiated  Assessment of only complete application submissions and subsequent manufacturing plan
 Who can Apply  Universities, State and Private Hospitals
 Frequency of Applications  Anytime
 How Application Submissions are Received  Written request communicated via our website and/or those communicated to the Institue Administration
 Who Benefits from the Results of Service  Responsible physicians who place the requests for manufacture of the final product and patient(s) who will be receiving the treatment protocol along with the manufactured therapeutic
 Service Type  Main service (fundamental)
 Service Classification Type  Healthcare
 Service Process Type  Manufacturing works
 Service Time Span  Time span depends on the type of the final product.