The fundamental duties and responsibilities of Ankara University Stem Cell Institute is generating international-standard scientific data within the framework of scientific research and projects in all basic and practical fields of stem cells, organizing education and training program targeting scientists within or outside of Ankara University, providing technical and scientific opportunities in research, contributing to technical and scientific development via collaboration with foreign and domestic academic, regulatory and industrial associations, supporting patent generation, providing cell and cell-based product support, providing scientific advisory services scientific analyses and advanced diagnosis services, educating the public and aiding the formation of public opinion.

Besides research and education activities at our Institute, we aim to launch technology products in favor of the public and scientists. Some major examples are listed below.

  1. Cell and cell content manufacture for research and cellular therapies,
  2. Immunohematology (test reactive manufacture, technology development),
  3. Stem cell banking,
  4. Tissue engineering (ex vivo tissue development, advanced biomaterials, nanobiotechnology),
  5. Gene therapies,
  6. Cellular therapies.

The Stem Cell Institute, established under Ankara University, promises significant benefit to both our University, our country and the public. Thanks to the Stem Cell Institute, there is an opportunity to accomplish education, scientific research and public service applications which are yet in need of development in our country.