Ankara University Stem Cell Institute was established by the Council of Ministers in the body of Ankara University in accordance with the Decree issued with the decision no. 2009/15561 in the Official Gazette no. 27412 dated 20 November 2009. The Tissue and Cell Manufacturing Center of our Institute was established with the aim to manufacture human-based cells intended for human application to be manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) conditions.
Ankara University Stem Cell Institute Tissue and Cell Manufacturing Center is a not-for-profit stem cell processing facility with the mandate to procure safe, efficient and equitable treatment approaches promised by stem cell research.
Accordingly, the Institute and its Tissue and Cell Manufacturing Center as its conjoint facility share the common principles of continuing research (fundamental units, tissue engineering, experimental and clinical studies), manufacture (clinical-grade cells and cell-based products), education and advisory activities at national and international level, and of contributing to an infrastructure to apply advanced regenerative medicine in treating human diseases with the view of general practice and ethical values for better conception of stem and progenitor cells and making better use of this potential.